I’m… technically a ghost. So yes.

.  .  . Why am I not surprised.

You look like a person who is too used to these kind of things.

Open RP


She smiled, “thanks hun. You’re a doll.” Clockwork kept walking funny, clumsy entering the van. So this is what it feels to be in a car. Her eyes glanced around the van tried to figure who or what his guy does.

Danny sighed and got into the front seat and started the car.

"I’m not supposed to do this…" he mumbled to himself. "You have to be more careful from now on," Danny said to her. "Where do you live?"

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Open RP


Nah, too hard to kill. Now how to act. “I-I’m sorry sir. I’m a little tipsy. I’m walking home from a party but I can’t remember where I live.” She acted confused and not walking straight, giggling loudly.

Danny sighed, loudly. What a pain. He supposed he should go a little easier on her. Then again, she did almost get herself killed due to stupidity.

"Fine," he sighed. "For your sake, I do hope this doesn’t happen often." Daniel paused for a second. Yeah, he should probably help her. 

"Get in the car," he muttered. "I’ll drive you home."

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☑ : Our characters taking a survey of some sort together.

☤: My muse having to take your to the hospital, reason may vary.

✉: My muse writing a letter to yours, or replying to one your’s sent.

✘: Our muse’s getting into an argument or a fight

♂/♀ : Our muse’s switching gender, if they are the same gender, they both turning into the opposite together.

♪: Our muses singing in a karaoke bar, song may vary.

☏: Our muses talking on the phone about ( You may choose)

✿: my muse giving yours flowers.

✄: Our muses playing rock paper scissors.

Open RP


Clockwork watch the man. He’a handsome cutie but yet familiar. She would pull out her mirror to check but it might catch his attention. Curious, she wanted to check out his man but probably by not looking like a ghost. She formed her ghostly tail to legs under her Victorian style dress and changed her appearance a little. She made herself look like a 28 year old woman with a tan skin and a 21century fashionable look. She still a ghost but hopefully she could trick him. Clockwork came out from her hiding spot, landing at another street nearby and headed back to the other where the man was. “Excuse me, sir.”

Danny frowned. Not a ghost, okay. He sighed. But since there probably wasn’t going to be a fight, there was going to be a lecture.

"What was that?!" he cried, gesturing to the van. "Do you have a death wish or something? You just- jumped out in front of the car? You could’ve died! Why would you do that?"