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From the Tall Grass || Closed RP with thalassophobic-trainer


Marie didn’t seem to notice Daniel’s discomfort, not so much as glancing his way while she had her sights set on the Pumpkaboo. 

"Vivi! Sleep Powder!" she commanded, rooting through one of the pockets on her backpack as she spoke and pulling back with a Pokeball in hand, stepping backwards a little when Vivi obediently began to beat her wings, scattering some sort of pale blue dust. The dust blew right into the wild Pumpkaboo’s face, and it trilled angrily, rising back into the air in preparation of a counterattack.

{ Why I oughta-! I ou- I oughta…oh dear…} it slurred, blinking blearily as the attack took its intended effect. It dropped back to the ground a minute later, fast asleep. Marie grinned.

"Good job, Vivi!" she praised, and tossed the Pokeball, which bounced off of Pumpkaboo’s head and popped open, sucking it inside in a swirl of red light. The ball hit the grass and shook a few times, flashing red. Then there was a click, and all was still. Marie finally glanced back at Daniel.

"That’s how you battle and catch a Pokemon." she said proudly.

"{Uh. Oh. So… you put them to sleep and you throw those capture balls at them… and they’re okay with this?}"

Daniel was confused by this entire thing. But he was not in the position to go around saving some kind of animal pit fighting in a world he didn’t belong to.

"{That’s… interesting…}"

From the Tall Grass || Closed RP with thalassophobic-trainer


Marie shook her head, giving him a little smile. 

"Don’t worry! Pokemon fight for fun in the wild, too!" she assured him, before turning back to the Pumpkaboo, who was very much unconcerned.

"Ready Vivi?" she asked, and waited for the butterfly to move around in front of her before speaking again. "Alright! Psybeam!" she ordered. Vivi didn’t hesitate for a moment before shooting a beam of bright purple light from between her antenna, hitting the Pumpkaboo hard and knocking it to the ground, drawing a bewildered chirp from it.

{What’s the big idea?}

Danny nodded. So… they liked to fight. Okay…

So she shouted the orders and her pokemon followed her commands? Is this the standard way of doing things? Or… just her way?

He could not help feeling guilty or a bit bad for them though. The poor… pumpkin-cat thing looks confused.

From the Tall Grass || Closed RP with thalassophobic-trainer


The strange creature- Pumpkaboo, apparently- didn’t seem particularly hostile, and simply continued to hover in midair, dipping down every few seconds to nibble on blades of grass with its four sharp little teeth. Marie slowly stood up. 

Digging into the pocket of her skirt, she pulled out something that could have been mistaken for a hand-held game console and flipped it open, aiming it at the Pumpkaboo.

"Large sized. Not bad!" she muttered. She glanced back at Daniel.

"Ready to see a battle?"

"{Uh… Sure.}" Danny shuffled on his feet. He hoped this wouldn’t be much like the pitbull fighting he’s heard about.
Or the “Keilo Arena” he shut down last year.

"{And the pokemon don’t mind this…. right?}"

From the Tall Grass || Closed RP with thalassophobic-trainer


"There you go." 

Marie paused to reach back and pat Daniel on the head again, ruffling the soft fur under her fingers, and chuckled.

"You’re still as soft as a Riolu. Puppy-soft." she noted, moving to stroke him under the chin while Vivi flew around the two of them, suddenly stopping and scattering scales. Her head turned to the right, pixelated eyes seeming to squint.

{Pumpkaboo!} she exclaimed in warning, before something that looked rather like a cross between a black cat and a pumpkin drifted out of the grass, blinking its beady eyes and seeming quite confused.

Daniel could not resist enjoying the petting. Maybe it was a pokemon thing, maybe he just liked it too, but it was… quite enjoyable.
He hummed for a while but cracked open an eye when he heard the butterfly thing… Vivi? When he heard Vivi say something.

He turned to look and… What was that?


Dan tsked, frowning, “that is a shame. I would love a fight. I guess I should pick on someone else who would be much more easier to tease.”

Danny shrugged and grinned smugly. 
"Fights are fun sometimes. Pick someone who’s more easily provoked though."

From the Tall Grass || Closed RP with thalassophobic-trainer


Marie glanced back curiously at Daniel’s exclamation, grinning when she spotted the glow. 

"You can fight!" she exclaimed. "That’s Force Palm! If you hit something with your paw like that, it’ll do a lot of damage! Maybe even paralyze the opponent!"

{Force Palm!} Vivi echoed, flitting in circles around Daniel.

Daniel seemed to be trying to keep his paw as far away as him as possible. Well it looked like ghost powers and… pokemon powers were triggered in the same way.

Except he had no idea what this was, besides what Marie just told him. He was just trying to summon a bit of energy and now this.

"{Oh… okay, how do I stop?}" he asked, nervous. Well, shouldn’t it work the same way too? Danny slowly allowed his energy to simmer down a bit and the glow disappeared.




14. She finally picked up the phone.

Daniel dialed the number again. He had been trying all day, but no one ever picked up. He drummed his fingers on the table, waiting.

Ordiance had issued an order of some kind. Someone had a job that needed to be done and Daniel needed work. He had no idea what to expect and didn’t have much information. 

He was about to give up when someone on the other end picked up.

"Who is calling?" Candra questioned, desperate to buy herself a few minutes as she rushed to the living room. Please have some family photos. Please have some family photos. Ah-ha!

She noticed several pictures in the living room. There was a pretty black woman and a white one, both with black hair in multiple pictures. There were some men and other girls, but those two came up most often. Which one was she??

"Mrs. Gray is beautiful, pretty black hair and lovely eyes," Candra told the man, hoping that he’d accept the fairly vague answer.

Vague. Accurate though. 
Daniel thought for a moment. She was right, but awfully vague. Anyone could come up with that, and if she really knew who she was describing, wouldn’t she go into a bit more detail? The color of her eyes, the curls in her hair?

Worth a check.

"You wouldn’t mind if I came over, would you?" he asked, casually. "Valerie borrowed something of mine and she wouldn’t mind if I just popped in to get it back." He teleported the hallway of her apartment anyways. "I’m already in the neighborhood."

"Thetis-! Wh-whoa! What happened to you? What-? Are you okay?"



When she heard her name being called, she couldn’t help but look up, especially since it sounded familiar. But as soon as she turned, and the voice freaked, her body cringed and her soft expression hardened into sadness. Despite not getting such strong reactions before, this one just confirms how bad it truly bad her face became. “Y-yes.” She replied softly.

When it fell into her arms, Thetis held onto it like it was her own offspring. “O-okay, I’m ready.” She told Danny, her confidence rising as his grip make her feel secure. It was nice to feel safe in someone’s presence, and it shown though her relaxed face.

Danny nodded and slowly lifted his feet off the ground. He floated to the door and phased through, climbing just a little higher but still staying low.
After a few more moments, Daniel made them both invisible to the naked human eye and off they went.

From the Tall Grass || Closed RP with thalassophobic-trainer


Marie stood up again, Vivi hopping off of her shoulder and into the air again. 

"Alright! Come on, we’ll look for a wild Pokemon to battle." she suggested, waving Daniel along with her as she shuffled back into the tall grass. "Do you know how to fight at all? Normally I’d assume a Lucario would be a formidable opponent, but you’re a special case."

"{Oh… okay,}" he said slowly. So… pokemon fought with each other? Well ghosts fought with each other too… And except pokemon fought for their masters or something. But they seem to want to? Weird.

"{I know how to fight… Pretty well, too.}" He looked at his paws. "{But in this form, I dunno.}" He took a breath and tried to summon some of his ghost powers. Instead, his paw began to glow.

This is new.